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All the courses are pre-taped, which allows you to watch them whenever you want and create your own practice and learning routine, being able to pause at any moment and repeat parts as you wish. You can spend up to 4 hours working on just one of the courses.
Price: 15€ for the course, or 20€ for the course + personal feedback.
The personal feedback options sallows you to send me a video of you practicing the course's materiel, and I'll send you back a personal feedback commenting on your execution and point to further work on that are tailored for you.
Payment method: Paypal or bank transfer. For payments within Israel I also accept bit, pay and paybox.
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Series 1 - Exploring Solo Jazz 
In this series of courses we take one classic, well-known move and look into different variations that can be incorporated in it.
The goal is to work on our technique, get ideas and develop a skill set as dancers. The move that we're using is a structure that helps us practice all of these techniques, ideas and skills - that we can later on use in other moves, possibly in couples dancing as well.
Improvisation 101 for beginners --
This course is for beginner level dancers who have little or no experience dancing Solo Jazz, or other swing dance styles.
We will get to know some of the classic solo jazz moves, and learn how to improvise freely to music using the moves that we've seen. We will work on quality of movement, creativity and musicality.
This is a Solo Jazz course recommended for intermediate level dancers.
This is a Solo Jazz course recommended for intermediate-advanced level dancers.
This is a Solo Jazz course recommended for Advanced level dancers.

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